Bath Spa University is at the forefront of research into creative practice across many forms and disciplines. It seeks to be a renowned centre for excellence in the development of creative research, bringing its well-established and expanded practice-based research provision and concentration of expertise in fields such as media, music, creative writing and the visual arts. 


The University is home to Artswork Media, Bath Spa’s student-led media production company, the unique MediaWall – an architectural scale portrait format gallery, consisting of ten 55” panels and standing 4 meters wide and 7.5 meters tall – as well as the flagship MIX DIGITAL conference, an innovative forum for the discussion and exploration of writing and technology.


Building on the University’s excellence in practice-based and creative research, the International Journal of Creative Media Research is shaped by the collaborative organisation of a number of the University’s Research Centres. It is founded and hosted by The Centre for Media Research, which operates around three clusters: Digital Ecologies, Film & Social Context, and Play & Multiplatform. It runs in partnership with Managing Editors from Film and Media at Staffordshire University, and also benefits from partnered association with Bath Spa's university-wide Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries and its Issues in Creative Practice Research, which e-links academic research, creative practice and industry to develop commercial and cultural opportunities that benefit a broad community of interests. 


We are very interested in receiving submissions from creative researchers and postgraduate students who want to have a voice in shaping the future of creative media-based research.