ISSUE 2 / SEPT 2019

Welcome to the second issue of the International Journal of Creative Media Research. It has been a busy few months since launching our inaugural issue back in March, but we have been absolutely delighted to see and hear such a positive response to the journal across the wider academic community.

Our ultimate hope for the International Journal of CreativeMedia Research was always that it could make a contribution to the academy’s ongoingattempts to develop new approaches and methods for undertaking creative and practice-based research, in whatever discipline or medium that might entail. It was always likely that opening out the journal to the widest possible disciplinary terrain – across Media Studies, Art and Design, Music, Creative Writing, Performing Arts, Education and beyond – would provide authors with a richer, more flexible approach to publishing practice-based research.
Thankfully, our hope is starting to be realised, as can be seen by the truly interdisciplinary,
varied, and high-quality submissions that make up Issue 2. The work in this issue makes the
most of the journal’s flexible submission categories, with some pieces taking the form of
Single-Piece Explorations, others Multi-Piece Portfolios, and others Practice Discoveries. We
are also very pleased indeed to be able to include work from around the world, as befitting
our international scope. The issue showcases a wide range of work, with topics spanning the use of photo-collage in Media Studies pedagogy, documentary as a research method, new conceptions of affective cinema, practice-based approaches to environmental communication, handmade animation art-practices, illustration-based digital archiving,
transmedia and gender-based scriptwriting, and Hollywood reboot practices.
Issue 2 also showcases the 2019 winners of both our MediaWall Award, our annual award in
creative media research, and our Student Award, a special prize awarded each year to one
truly exceptional Film or Media undergraduate student at Bath Spa University.


We are now taking submissions. Find out how to do this with our Author Guidelines