ISSUE 3 / APRIL 2020

Welcome to the third issue of the International Journal of Creative Media Research. The published work in this issue – along with a forthcoming special issue devoted to ‘Re-envisioning the Role of Creative Media Research’ – has a particular focus on pushing forward and exploring new methods for undertaking creative and practice-based research.

What follows are eight pieces of work, developed from across a number of countries around the world and from a range of different disciplinary backgrounds, that present explorations and reflections on emerging approaches to doing creative and practice-based research. The issue showcases a wide range of research, with topics spanning the creation of news poems, experimental uses of virtual reality in learning and teaching practices, the application of art-based research methods in the curation of museums, and the development of new creativeresearch methods like ethnomediaology. This issue also showcases a particular focus ondocumentary filmmaking as research method, with a series of articles exploring this form’screative, conceptual and methodological relationship to heritage, story, and character. Other pieces in this issue – namely Ron Herrema’s Code as Prosthesis – experiment with a less linear, more user-led method of presenting research, adopting a more interactive approach.


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