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Bath Spa University is at the forefront of research into creative practice across many forms and disciplines. It seeks to be a renowned centre for excellence in the development of creative research, bringing its well-established and expanded practice-based research provision and concentration of expertise in fields such as media, music, creative writing and the visual arts.


IJCMR is based within the Centre for Media Research at Bath Spa University. Our research focuses on excellence and innovation in socially engaged media arts research, rethinking what art, film, media and emerging digital technologies can achieve in diverse communities. Benefitting from an arts-school model of genuinely cross-disciplinary practice-as-research, our research puts the creativity of art, film and media at the heart of the kinds of social, industrial, community and even environmental dynamics that affect our daily life.


Creatively motivated, ideas based and socially aware, Bath Spa University's Media subject area prepares students for success across the thriving creative media and communications sectors.

With our BA (Hons) in Creative Media, students join the next generation of media content creators, and with our BA (Hons) in Media Communications, students revolutionise how media creators communicate to audiences.


Our students gain hands-on experience working with Immersive Promotion Design as an in-house immersive marketing company, and also join Artswork Media, our student-led media production company based in Bristol. Elsewhere, our student have the unique opportunity to work with The Studio, the university's city-centre innovation hub for creative technology, learning to revolutionise how media creators everywhere communicate to audiences.​

Building on the University’s excellence in practice-based research, IJCMR is shaped by the collaborative organisation of a number of Research Centres, both within and beyond Bath Spa University. It runs in close partnership with Managing Editors from Film and Media at Staffordshire University, and also benefits from partnered association with Bath Spa's Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries and its Narrative & Emerging Technologies Research Group.


We are very interested in receiving submissions from creative researchers and postgraduate students who want to have a voice in shaping the future of creative media-based research.

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