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Welcome to our Themed Section on doing multi-media methods. Curated by Claire Levy and Agata Lulkowska, the content on this page emerges from both the Multi-Media Methods Group based at Bath Spa's Centre for Media Research and the Art/Practice-Based Research Group based at Staffordshire's Centre for Research in the Digital Entertainment and Media Industries.


The aim of this Themed Section is to document emerging thinking around the potential for multi-media platforms to form new practice-based research methods, such as photography, video, audio, drawing and walking. Through video recordings, podcasts and blogs, we aim to push forward innovative models for how to use multiple media in and as practice-based research methods, developing new understanding about the kinds of insights that such multi-media methods reveal.

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Youth, Place and Play is a phase one interactive documentary prototype produced by Claire Levy. It aims to examine what it is like to be a young person living in a rural town. Along with the images, video and audio - all of which were produced during and in-between project workshops, Claire wrote a range of diary entries that recorded responses and ideas while working collaboratively with others. These notes are included within the iDoc as a way to illustrate the live nature of this kind of research and the learning and reflection that goes on, both when things go to plan and when they don't!

Art/Practice-Based Seminar Series

With traditional publications still defining academia, it becomes a challenge for researchers working with practice-based methods. Luckily, the emergence of alternative platforms for dissemination makes this task more attainable for non-conventional outputs. The Art/Practice-Based Seminar Series explores the possibilities and challenges of practice-based online journals and other platforms dealing with alternative forms of research based in creative methods. The below videos stem from the Centre for Research in the Digital Entertainment and Media Industries based at Staffordshire University.

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